The Most Memorable Money Lesson From My Mother

Happy Mother’s Day! Today, mothers are celebrated all across the United States. All week long, no matter where I went, I saw people buying flowers, cards, and candy for the women in their lives; whether mothers, grandmothers, wives, or daughters. It is a beautiful sight to see how much “Mothers” are honored and appreciated on this day.

As I pondered my blog entry today, I thought about my mother and her impact on me financially. So often I hear, “No one taught me how to manage my money”. I agree to some extent. The majority of us were not given structured money management lessons in the home nor in school; but learning can take place by observing as well. There was some woman, whether Mama, Grandma, Great Granny, Nana, or any other nurturer, sharing money wisdom with you. So, today, I ask a question, what is the most memorable money lesson you learned from your mother (or the nurturer in your life)?

Growing up, my mother was a good money manager and a saver. She was a stay-at-home mom and the household’s CFO. Let’s not be mistaken, however, like most women she enjoyed spending money and she liked nice things. She just knew how to stretch a buck. We were not rich by any means, but she made our house a home. If there were any problems, I never saw it, for she kept everything operating smoothly.

The greatest lesson that my mom taught me about money is to always put something away. She opened up my savings account very early in life, like six or seven years old. We would count my change, roll it up and take it to the bank. I learned how to save early. This is what I remember most. She was a great example in many ways. My mom did not teach me perfection; she taught me what she knew. And of course, as I grew older, like any child, I did not always practice some of those early life lessons!

I thank my mother for the those early financial lessons and I honor her money wisdom today. What is the most memorable lesson about money that you learned from your mother (or the woman nurturer in your life)?

The MoneyWise Teacher

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