Will You Accomplish Your Financial Goals in 2015?

When the clock struck midnight on December 31st, everyone was off to the races, goal setting, vision boarding, and any other activity to make this year the best year ever. I have to be honest, this year felt more explosive than any other year that I can remember. But now that we are near the […]

Goals vs. Resolutions

Happy New Year! Now that all of the Holidays are over, it is time to get back to life as usual. Question: when the New Year rings in, should we just go back to doing what we have always done or embark upon the ceremonial new beginning?

I believe there is something innate in humans […]

Are You on Track for Your Financial Goals?

Is this the year that you will finally get your finances in order? Getting out of debt, saving more money, or some other type of financial goals continuously appear as one of the top three goals each year. We are ready in the second month of 2012. Statistics tells us that 97% of people abandon […]