Pre New Year Game Plan: 25 Ways to Jumpstart Your Finances!

We are quickly approaching the new year. We have a choice to make at this moment; we can choose to end the year with financially fizzle or a wealth explosion! The older I get, the earlier I want to start focusing on my new year game plan. Don’t let the holiday season derail your financial […]

How To Build A Budget

No clue where your money goes every month? Wish you could save more? A budget—or spending plan—can help you figure out your priorities and get your finances on track. To create one, follow these simple steps. Learn more about tracking your spending and starting a spending plan.


5 Reasons To Set Up A Budget

Budget: the dreaded “B” word. The mere mention of the word makes people tremble with fear. Most people believe that budgeting is punitive, restrictive, and just plain no fun. For this reason, many avoid starting a budget or find it difficult to stick with it. Budgets have such a negative connotation that they have changed […]