A Budget Is My Friend

As I was preparing this article on budgeting for the Women’s Money Week 2012, I thought what more can be said about this subject. Over the last year or two, it has been the most talked about subject for personal money management. I know that budgets are not sexy. I am not going to tell […]

The Money Class by Suze Orman – Book Review

I was in the library recently and Suze Orman’s newest personal money management book, “The Money Class: Learn to Create Your New American Dream” caught my attention. With the intriguing title, eye catching cover, I figured I would check it out. The book sat on my table for 3 weeks before I even picked it […]

5 Reasons To Set Up A Budget

Budget: the dreaded “B” word. The mere mention of the word makes people tremble with fear. Most people believe that budgeting is punitive, restrictive, and just plain no fun. For this reason, many avoid starting a budget or find it difficult to stick with it. Budgets have such a negative connotation that they have changed […]