Simple Steps to Save Successfully During America Saves Week 2016

My last post talked about 2016 being the “Year of Money”. I noticed an unprecedented number of conversations about saving money, getting out of debt, investing, and yes, even BUDGETS and life insurance! Unlike the past, the difference this year is people are not just talking about it, they are taking action! You may have […]

Planning and Executing Your Goals

New Year, New You, right? At the start of a new year, everyone is charged and ready to change their world. I love the energy of new beginnings. You’ll hear conversations about resolutions, declarations and goal setting. Is this you? Now, that you have made the big declarations and maybe even set a few goals. […]

How Raising An Olympian is Similar to Achieving A Financial Goal

I love the Olympics!!! There is something about watching World Class Athletes climb to the peak of their sport to compete. Years of sacrifice and dedication all for the coveted title of a Gold Medal Olympian. While many great storylines have emerged out of the 2012 Summer Olympics, like Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated […]

Are You on Track for Your Financial Goals?

Is this the year that you will finally get your finances in order? Getting out of debt, saving more money, or some other type of financial goals continuously appear as one of the top three goals each year. We are ready in the second month of 2012. Statistics tells us that 97% of people abandon […]