Is the Financial Literacy Movement Working?

April is financial literacy month, as so named by Congress in 2004. I have personally witnessed more and more exposure of financial education over the last five years that I have been actively been involved. Banks now have programs geared towards personal finances and financial education, 401k providers are including modules, and not to mention […]

National Freedom Day 2014

Today is National Freedom Day 2014. Have you heard of it? I haven’t either; I have one of those calendars that highlight every celebratory moment or monthly theme. Apparently it is not an official day, but one notably honor, nonetheless.

National Freedom Day is observed on the first day of February each year.


What Does Financial Independence Mean to You?

I remember hearing the term “Financial Independence” very early in my studies of finance. It probably was in the 90s, when saving for retirement, 401ks and retiring early was the ultimate goal in life. Financial independence meant retiring well, with a seven figure 401k account. Remember ING coined the phrase, “What’s Your Number?”

The classic […]