America Saves #RetirementMatters Twitter Chat

Last month, America Saves hosted a Twitter Chat focusing on retirement.

We were joined by members of the Campaign for a Secure Retirement who addressed issues of retirement planning and savings, and emphasized the importance of saving for retirement no matter what you earn, how old you may be, or your gender. Highlights from the […]

Women and Money Part 2

Why Women’s Money Week? Because it is time for women to take control of their finances and reshape their future. According to the 10th anniversary edition of Prudential’s Financial Experience & Behavior Among Women study, we are more involved than ever in their households investment and financial decisions. Great, but still….below are 12 reasons why […]

Women and Money Part 1

As far back as I can remember I knew I would be working with numbers. The natural progression for me went something like this: working extra math problems at home just for fun (loved math); playing cards for money with my parents (sharpened my analytical and money handling skills); counting money (loved counting my winnings); […]