After Christmas Sales – Spend Wisely

If you really want to save some real cash, shopping after Christmas is probably one of the best money management strategies for budget wise spending. After Christmas sales offers the best bargains, hands down. Black Friday sales are teasers; a few good deals to get you into the store. The sales after Christmas are real […]

Budget Friendly Gift Giving Ideas

Over the years, I worked in retail as seasonal help during the Christmas season. One observation I noticed was the many frustrated shoppers. I rarely saw a cheerful shopper. Each year, Christmas gift giving season increases the anxiety level of thousands, if not millions of people. Adding to the frustration is that they have to […]

Black Friday Apps, Deals, and Cyber Monday Steals

Whew, has Black Friday Holiday shopping gone wild, or what? The intensity of Black Friday 2011 exposure is MAD! There is a fierce competition going on right now for your hard earned cash. According to the National Retail Federation, up to 152 million people plan to shop Black Friday weekend, which is more than the […]