Planning and Executing Your Goals

New Year, New You, right? At the start of a new year, everyone is charged and ready to change their world. I love the energy of new beginnings. You’ll hear conversations about resolutions, declarations and goal setting. Is this you? Now, that you have made the big declarations and maybe even set a few goals. […]

5 Steps to Increase Your Net Worth

Lately, I have been involved in a number of conversations with individuals who want to improve their finances. Many believe that improving their finances means getting a better paying job, a second job, or launching a money making venture. Increasing income is good, but it is only part of the equations. What I found is […]

What Does Financial Independence Mean to You?

I remember hearing the term “Financial Independence” very early in my studies of finance. It probably was in the 90s, when saving for retirement, 401ks and retiring early was the ultimate goal in life. Financial independence meant retiring well, with a seven figure 401k account. Remember ING coined the phrase, “What’s Your Number?”

The classic […]