Pre New Year Game Plan: 25 Ways to Jumpstart Your Finances!

BudgetWise Financial Solutions- 25 Ways to JumpStart Your FinancesWe are quickly approaching the new year.  We have a choice to make at this moment; we can choose to end the year with financially fizzle or a wealth explosion!  The older I get, the earlier I want to start focusing on my new year game plan.  Don’t let the holiday season derail your financial goals.  It is so easy to say, “I will wait until AFTER the holidays or I will wait until January.  Instead, beat the shopping season by getting focused on what you want to accomplish in 2014 and start putting the plan in action now.  Below is a list of things you can do now to jumpstart your finances:

  1. Organize your financial paperwork, i.e. mortgage records, will, tax returns, insurance documents, bank records, student loan records, etc.
  2. Review and file your bank and credit union account statements
  3. Purge and organize your wallet/purse
  4. Balance bank account registers
  5. File receipts
  6. Create a folder to save and organize tax records
  7. Review your tax withholdings
  8. Track your expenses for 30 days using a small notebook, app, or computer program
  9. Create a monthly budget
  10. Review and reduce your cable/internet/phone cost
  11. Donate or sell unused items
  12. Order and review FREE credit annual reports (
  13. Make a list of all of your creditors (amount owed, due date, interest rate)
  14. Research refinancing your home to get a lower interest rate
  15. Call your creditors to negotiate a lower interest rate
  16. Set up an automatic savings plan
  17. Make a list of repairs that need to be done to your home or vehicle
  18. Review your insurance needs (life, disability, home, long-term care, etc)
  19. Start/Increase your 401k/403b retirement savings contributions
  20. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to review your investment portfolio
  21. Update your beneficiaries
  22. Update your resume
  23. Ask for a raise
  24. Research starting a business
  25. Get your annual physical checkup

Don’t take your eye off of your financial goals. Challenge yourself to focus on one or two of these items per week or at least per month. You will close out this year with a greater sense of accomplishment and gain momentum going into 2014.  Put your plan in motion now!

Samirian Hill, The MoneyWise Teacher, is President and Founder of BudgetWise Financial Solutions, a financial education training and consultancy firm.  For a complimentary consultation and a free budget template, call 248-905-1625 or email   Visit our website at

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