Money Smart Week 2013 – Be A Money Smarty!

Be A Money Smarty - Money Smart Week 2013Don’t miss out on the Federal Reserve Bank’s 2013 Money Smart Week!  Consumers, educators, libraries and financial professionals alike may now participate in a new, innovative, and fun Money Smart Week® program on Saturday, April 20th…  You, too, can Be A Money Smarty!

Created by Mark B. Robinson CIMA® AIFA® specifically for Money Smart Week, the Be a Money Smarty! presentation delivers four experts ‘leave it all at the podium’ and share their ‘top 5 tips’ in just 10 minutes.    Hosted by veteran television talent, Christy McDonald, this will air live, in real-time, via web stream, at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 20th.

In this entertaining and informative lightning round format, you’ll obtain the latest, up-to-date information on today’s hottest money topics,
including how to:

  • Establish-Use-Maintain
    Credit, Manage Debt; Michigan State University Extension Educator Erica Tobe.
  • Avoid Scams, Fraud, Identity Theft; Michigan Department of Attorney General, Consumer
    Protection Division Chief Katharyn Barron.
  • Understand Annuities and Long-term Care Insurance; New England Financial-a MetLife Company
    Managing Partner Mike Amine.
  • Get Control Over Your Money, Now:  Mark B. Robinson, CIMA® AIFA® is the Be A Money Smarty! developer and moderator.

Be A Money Smarty! will be sure to entertain and inform. Tune in and get smart quick!

Watch Web Streaming Live here:

Or if Metro Detroit Viewing Area:   Watch on Detroit Public Television

Hosted by Detroit Public Television


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