Happy Valentine’s Day – I Love Money!!!

Love and MoneyI LOVE MONEY!!!!  I knew that would get your attention.  That statement alone gets some people fired up. “What? You love money?” But the Bible says that the “love of money is the root of all evil”. Hold on, I will explain.

Clearly, the verse (1Tim 6:10) that everyone quotes when it comes to the “love of money” is speaking of a coveted, unbalanced, unhealthy perspective of money.  It is a view of money that replaces the love of God in a person’s life.   But the Bible doesn’t say to ignore money. Actually it teaches us to become good stewards of it. We can’t be good stewards if we disregard or detest money (opposite of love is hate, right?)

If you follow Godly principles, you know the love hierarchy is God first, you second, family, others third,  and then money. We really don’t love money, as in an emotional love.  But in this instance, to love money is to have a healthy view or perspective of money. You can even say, a healthy money mindset.

You love people and use things.  Money is clearly not a person, but I’d be careful to treat it like a “thing”.  Money represents about 90% of what you do every day. It is a medium of exchange of your value in the marketplace, what you can have, what you can do, How you can live, and what you can give.  So I believe, if something has that much impact over your lives, it is time to start showing it some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. It is time to develop a healthy relationship with your money.

What you pay attention to grows. Conversely, what you ignore, leaves.  With a love/hate relationship with money, it is like you are saying, “Hey Money, I want more of you and I want you to come into my life” and then when money shows up, you ignore it. The message here is, “I really don’t like you and I only want to use you.” Sounds familiar?

If you don’t have a healthy relationship (or mindset) towards money, there is a high probability you will not see much of it or when you get it, you will not keep it.

After God and the people in your life, money is your next most important relationship. We cannot disregard money and treat it like that “thing over there”.  Money represents our time, talent and treasure. Just about everything we do, have or be is tied to money.  We earn it, spend it, save it, give it away, invest it, need it, and want more of it.  It is a big part of our everyday life.  Below are tips to begin to develop a healthy relationship and money mindset and to welcome more money into your life.

1. Treat money with respect. Your wallet is an indication on what you think about your money. Do you have dollars crammed and jammed in many areas of your purse? Are your dollars turned in order (smallest to largest bills all facing forward)?


2. Learn to manage your money wisely. How well do you know your money?  How much do you make? How much do you owe? How much do you have?  How much do you spend?


3. Speak loving positive affirming word about yourself and your money. Our words have power and are an indication of our thoughts or what’s really going on inside of us.  Don’t say, “I will never have any money.” or “I’m broke”.  Below are some powerful money affirmations you can say:


Money is my friend!
I let go of past mistakes, plan for my future, and feel harmony today.
I have taken control of my finances.
I am blessed, successful, prosperous, generous, and giving with peace of mind.
I am worthy!!!


4. Think prosperity and abundance, not poverty, lack or scarcity.  Believe that God is a God of abundance and there are infinite possibilities. Learn to cultivate positive feelings and emotions around money, regardless of the circumstances.  There is more than enough for everyone.


So, this Valentine’s Day, it’s a good time to examine your relationship with your MONEY.  This weekend and every week hereafter, plan a date with your money. Get to know it and don’t be afraid to use the “L” word!


Samirian HillSamirian Hill, The MoneyWise Teacher is the President and Founder of BudgetWise Financial Solutions, LLC, a financial education and consultancy firm where they teach people to manage money wisely.  Her desire is to see women move beyond money issues and  concerns and into money harmony, living lives of freedom of purpose.
For a complimentary 30 minute discovery consultation, go to http://bit.ly/FDPConsultation.




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