Guest Post: Achieving Scholarship Success Today!

How to get scholarshipsSince I wrote an article about how to go to college debt free in my previous post, I asked “Scholarship Queen” and expert, Shayla R. Price to write an article on how to obtain scholarships for college bound students today. Read on below.

So, you’re ready to apply for college scholarships? The scholarship process can be daunting, from asking for recommendation letters to writing detailed essays. However, you have the power to come out on top. With your unique experiences and passion to pursue a post-secondary education, you can earn free money to achieve your goals today.

Creating a strategy, or game plan, will help you organize your scholarship approach in an efficient and effective manner. The key to your success is developing a routine to establish a habit and researching your ideas to create a winning essay. Here are a few techniques to get you started right now:

1. Track Your Community Service
People love giving to those who give to others. Service includes nonprofit work, church ministry, and everyday deeds. Create an Excel spreadsheet documenting your community service. What organization did you volunteer with? What was your role in the activity? How did the service impact others? Also, record the contact information of the person in charge of the activity; you may have to ask him or her for a recommendation letter in the future.

2. Search for Scholarships
Locate eligible scholarships on websites, like,, and Create a Facebook page dedicated to asking people to post scholarships on your wall. Consider using your Twitter account to find scholarships; follow these gurus: @stlvolunteen and @scholarsgrants.

3. Write a Great Essay
Read the scholarship essay question carefully. Also, make sure you read the official rules, or the fine print. Are the judges looking for creativity or originality? If so, give them what they want. Answer the essay question by telling a detailed story, adding research from outside sources, and including your community service. Then, ask for help from a tutor, librarian, or English teacher to receive feedback.

Remember, you will succeed by sticking to a plan and consistently using the resources above. You have to develop your own scholarship regimen, enlist the help of others, and keep applying despite any rejection letters. I believe in you. Achieve scholarship success today!

Shayla R. Price is an attorney and advocate for civic engagement. Price is a governor-appointed commissioner for Volunteer Louisiana. Prior to government service, Price worked as a marketing director for, a social welfare organization that seeks to give high school and college students a voice. While in high school, she earned more than $100,000 in college scholarships. She also authored the book titled The Scholarship Search: A Guide to Winning Free Money for College and More. Shayla has helped more than 5,000 students achieve scholarship success. She has been featured in several media outlets, including Teen People, Seventeen, and EBONY magazines. You can contact Shayla R. Price at or follow her on Twitter.

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