Super Simple Budget Starter

Super Simple Budget Starter

Creating Money Harmony!


Whether using a budgeting web based tool, software or an APP, the challenges faced by most people are the same: starting and maintaining the budget. A good budget takes time and perseverance.

The Super Simple Budget Starter will help you take the most important step to creating money harmony: understanding where your money is going. It is designed to simplify the process. You can use the spreadsheet or handwrite it in a notebook, old school style. We included an expansive list of categories to help trigger all potential areas for your cash inflow or outflow.

Download your copy of the SuperSimpleBudgetStarter.


  • Are you having a tough time sticking with budgeting?
  • Do you need help tracking & recording your expenses?
  • Are you still out of control, stuck , and overwhelm?

If so, here is a solution for you….Our PERSONALIZED BUDGETING SYSTEM (PBS). This system will be tailor-made specifically for you and your situation.  You will get:

  • customized budgeting spreadsheet and spending tracking system
  • One hour of support to help you set up your system
  • a lifetime of money harmony and peace of mind

Call us for a free 30 minutes consultation @ 1-248-905-1625

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