Black Thursday is the New Black Friday

Big SalesLast Year, I did a post called, Black Friday or Black Thursday?  I believe this year, it is clear, Black Thursday is the new Black Friday.  If you need a refresher, Black Friday is the official kickoff of the holiday shopping season.  It is called that because it was thought to be the day that retailers’ sales move to from the red into the black, that is, from losses to profits.  Last year, Wal-Mart opened at midnight. It was my prediction that the stores would begin to open up earlier and earlier, doing away with Thanksgiving Day all together.

Here is an except:  “If it is 12am this year, next year the time will be 9pm, then 7pm, then 5pm, until finally, they will open all day Thanksgiving. If one store does it, the others have to follow in an effort to get a share of the consumer dollars. Do not stand for this ploy to get you to depart with your money”

It’s official.  Thanksgiving day is now synonymous with Black Thursday.  More stores are opening at 12:00am and a few more are opening right after Thanksgiving dinner.  Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us will open their doors at 8:00 and 9:00 pm, respectively, right about the time I am reaching for my second helping of turkey and dressing  (Black Friday 2012 store hours).      K-Mart is doing away with Thanksgiving Day all together and is opening their doors at 6:00am on Thursday morning.     Black Friday 2012 ads has full page ads from most retailers more than one week before Thanksgiving.  Remember when it use to be “leaked”? Black Thursday is here to stay.

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The real losers, however are the workers. Last year Anthony Hardiwick from Target drew national attention for his protest when Target decided to open at midnight in order to remain competitive with Wal-Mart.  This year as Target opens at 9:00 pm, employee Casey St. Clair filed a petition.  Target stockholders took notice and are pushing back.

“I bought stock in Target because I was so impressed by the respect and concern they showed their employees and the communities where their stores are located,
wrote shareholder Jill Larson, of Minnesota. “I am disappointed to hear about this decision.” Fellow shareholder Ben Rabizadeh agrees. “I would gladly accept a slightly
lower growth rate or slightly lower dividends in order to preserve the Thanksgiving holiday for all Americans,” he says.

Black Friday is a shopping tradition for many.  Some people get most of their shopping done on that day.  Are retailers pushing it to far? As retailers make the holiday more and more about sales, consumers will eventually revolt.  Black Friday will lose it significance.

What do you think?  Should retailers continue to push for profits or allow employees to spend the entire Thanksgiving Day home with friends and family?

Just in case you are shopping, here is a free Black Friday Planner so that you can be prepared.  FREE Black Friday Shopping List (source:

Samirian Hill, The MoneyWise Teacher, is the President and Founder, of BudgetWise Financial Solutions, LLC, where they teach people to manage money wisely.  Their mission is to help people move from money fear to money harmony in order to live lives of freedom and purpose. In her free time, Samirian enjoys golfing, reading, and cooking.





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