Black Friday Apps, Deals, and Cyber Monday Steals

Mobile App ShoppingWhew, has Black Friday Holiday shopping gone wild, or what? The intensity of Black Friday 2011 exposure is MAD! There is a fierce competition going on right now for your hard earned cash. According to the National Retail Federation, up to 152 million people plan to shop Black Friday weekend, which is more than the 138 million who planned to do so in 2010. The race is already in full throttle, BEFORE Thanksgiving. Many deals are offered now in stores. Clothing stores are offering 40% – 50% off. Michaels have up to 50% off on Christmas items.

Getting the best deals extends way beyond the archaic process of scoring the thick newspaper on Thanksgiving Day after dinner or catching early releases of ads online a few days before. The tech savvy modern day shopper has elevated the experience to a whole new level. The must have tool is the Smartphone. With apps, websites, and Cyber Monday, you longer have to stand in long lines to get a good deal. You don’t even have to leave your couch.

Three apps that I consistently see mentioned are: RedLaser, ShopSavvy, and TheFind. These apps let you scan barcodes to see if you can find a product cheaper elsewhere, and in most cases, close by. Also you can receive coupons with these apps.

Looking for the best deals online and gearing up for Cyber Monday? Check out these five websites for promo codes and free shipping:

Anytime you make a purchase online, make sure to check for a promo code first. I do not want to say never, but very close to never, should you ever pay for shipping online.

If you are a tech savvy shopper, you can avoid the mad rush. You may not get rock bottom basement prices, but with patience and persistence, you can stretch your money further and save your budget. As for me, since I am archaic, I’ll be waiting for the paper on Thursday to chart out my strategy by hand.

Be prepared! Download your free printable Black Friday Shopping list.

Is your holiday shopping style tech savvy modern or old school archaic? Let’s talk about it below.

Samirian Hill, a.k.a. The MoneyWise Teacher, is a financial educator, advocate, blogger, and contributing writer. She founded BudgetWise Financial Solutions, where they teach people to manage money wisely. In her spare time, she enjoys golfing, reading, and cooking.

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