Are You on Track for Your Financial Goals?

Is this the year that you will finally get your finances in order?  Getting out of debt, saving more money, or some other type of financial goals continuously appear as one of the top three goals each year.  We are ready in the second month of 2012.    Statistics tells us that 97% of people abandon their New Year resolutions by the end of January and 1/3 by the first week.   Are you still on track for your goals this year?  Are you still in the race?  In case you have thown in the towel, check out this video:

Don’t give up now!  Just because you may have fallen down, get back up and start running again!   DETERMINATION, PERSISTANCE, AND ENDURANCE wins the race.  As the old saying goes, “The race does not belong to the swift, but to the one who endures to the end.”  This is your race. This is your year, but you have to press!

Samirian Hill, A.K.A. The MoneyWise Teacher, is the Founder and President of Budgetwise Financial Solutions, LLC, where they teach people to manage money wisely. She is a financial educator, blogger and contributing writer.  In her spare time, she enjoys golfing, reading and cooking.


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