After Christmas Sales – Spend Wisely

Spending WiselyIf you really want to save some real cash, shopping after Christmas is probably one of the best money management strategies for budget wise spending. After Christmas sales offers the best bargains, hands down. Black Friday sales are teasers; a few good deals to get you into the store. The sales after Christmas are real bargains because retailers now have to move the unsold merchandise to prepare for the spring season or upcoming model changes. While most of the mall traffic this week are either returning unwanted Christmas gifts or redeeming gift cards; the serious bargain hunters are loading up on goodies for next year.  Here is a breakdown of some of spending strategies to employ:

Next year’s gifts. We all know that after Christmas is the best time to snag next year’s Christmas decorations. How about picking up a few gifts as well? Think beyond Christmas. Do you have a wedding to attend next spring? How about birthday gifts for next year? This is a good time to save 50% or more on items that you will have to buy next year close to full price.

Deals, Deals and more Deals!  Retails stores mark down inventory agressively. Macy’s has new markdowns for the entire family. Don’t have the coupon? Thanks to technology, department stores are eager to assist you in getting the coupons via text. Text 62297 (MACYS) and type in the code CPN, you’ll have a coupon in seconds.  January is the best time to purchase coats.

Think outside of the box. During the holiday season you can find savings on virtually everything. Do you have a vacation planned for next year? Check out the airfare deals now.

Sorting it out.  Finally, there are always websites to help you gain an advantage.  Check out www.retailmenot.comor www.dealio.comfor more information on the best bargain by stores and online promo codes. lets you find deals based on categories.

If you get in the habit of saving a portion of your holiday budget until after Christmas, you’ll benefit financially all year long.  This spending strategy will help your budget in the long run.

For more holiday cost cutting tips that you can implement in 2012, check out Susan Tompor, Financial Columnist, article in The Detroit Free Press: Quirky Ways to Cut Holiday Costs. Shameless plug: I have a small mention in the article.

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